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Ohayo minna! My name's Lucy just Lucy. I'm a celestial mage apart of the most reckless team, from the strongest guild- Fairy Tail. Let's be friends, ne?

literally bringing this blog back from the dead 

i don’t know whose active and whose not so if you’re a fairytail rper could you like this or something  (≧∇≦)

theresidentflamebrain-deactivat sent: "Lucy!" the pinkette shouted, bursting in through her window and plopping down softly on her bed, a grin on his lips. "Let's do something fun! I'm all fired up!" he boasted with an even wider grin.

Lucy deadpanned at the sight of her intruding partner. She momentarily thought about requesting more intimidating locks from the land lady. The thought was brushed to the side as she concluded that Natsu would end of destroying whatever stood in his way, and that would come out of her pocket. 

"Was there anything you have in mind?" She inquired, his vagueness leaving her searching for an idea. 

Anonymous sent: What happened to you? Where did you go? I want you back, you're one of my favorite rpers, my favorite blogs, and by you're my favorite Lucy. I miss you so much, please come back.

Oh my goodness I’m sooo sorry! It was just a temporary leave (I had to get my grades up). The marking period ends like next Friday so don’t worry I’ll be super active after that (: Thanks for the message and I’m sorry to have worried you!

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She looked up at her once more, curiously. “You smell really good,” she answered. She really liked how she smelled! She didn’t know why, or what it is, either. What she was really smelling were traces of the spirit world on her due to her magic, but she didn’t know that. “Why do you smell like this?” she asked contentedly. She would stay right there all day if she could. But this girl probably had somewhere to be. Just a little longer…..

With a sensation of relief, Lucy hadn’t realized how worried she had been about her smell. It seemed to be an important topic lately, with everyone having something to say about it-at least that’s how she felt. 

"Arigato." The minuscule tension now relieved, the blonde’s tone was more relaxed. 

The inquiry had Lucy flitting through today’s recent events. Wake up, shower, go to the market for breakfast, kick Natsu out, head of to the guild where beer and other liquor was spilled on her, get cleaned up by Levy, and then things settled down to the point where the mage decided to call it a day. And now she found herself in this situation.

"Etto…" Any answer she could’ve come up with was evanescent, resulting in her drawling out the word and pausing to stall for time. Not to mention there was now an  unbecoming expression replacing her former smile.


"I’m not exactly sure Kyoki-san. But if it smells that good I hope I can bottle such an appealing scent!”



“Lucy-san is always behind Gray-sama”

"Not always!" She asserted.

The blonde had a pleading look on her face as she tried reasoning with her.

"Only sometimes… like on missions!"


“Love Rival…”


"I’m not your love rival…"

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She indulged in the scent a moment more before answering. She looked up at her, still not letting go of her arm. “I’m Kyoki,” she said with a smile. She already really liked this girl; her scent was just so wonderful! She’d never smelled anything like it, making the experience just that much more intense. She looked away from her to bury her face into her shoulder once more. She was squeezing her arm harder than would be expected, although not hard enough to hurt her (close, but not quite). It was passionate, loving in fact.

"Kyoki.." Lucy repeated, committing her name to memory.

She was certain she had never met this person before. And the dark haired hadn’t bothered to answer her other question. Or maybe she hadn’t heard her? The blonde let out a nervous laugh, as the others grasp tightened. At first she was worried the other was going to rip her arm off until she settled into a bearable hold. 

And now a light laugh slipped past her pale lips as Kyoki’s breaths tickled her shoulder. “S-stop that!” She said before giggling again.

Once she gained control over herself, Lucy deadpanned, peering down at the girl. 

"Why’re you holding onto me like that?"


“hello minna-san”


"Ohayo Juvia!"



It seems like 10 years. But that time flies so fast after while. He shrugged. It wasn’t that long.


"If you say so.."


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Natsu watched as the blonde jutted her hand out, their hands colliding in their signature handshake. But before the fire mage could celebrate anymore, more dishes were placed in his hands, and the blonde was giving him that signature devious smile of hers. “But Lucy…I washed so many…” he whined softly, glancing down at the plates and pouting.After a few moments of pouting his onix orbs shut with acceptance and he sighed softly.


“Fine” he grumbled carefully making his way back to the kitchen, making sure he didn’t break the dishes before he even got there. All of this being careful business was hard work, Natsu was strong, very strong, and keeping his strength in check proved to be hard. Reaching a tanned hand toward the faucet he turned it, warm water pouring into the sink as he began washing the dishes slowly, pink brows furrowed in concentration, tongue lolling out a bit as calloused hands washed the ceramic dishware as gently as possible. 

After what yet again seemed like hours, the slayer was done and he quickly wiped his hands off onto his pants and scurried out of the kitchen, only to find Lucy absorbed in a book. Sauntering over to the celestial mage he peered down at the book, sniffing a bit, it smelled fairly old. “Where’d you get that book? It smells really old…” he murmured, sniffing it again, only to be swatted away by the blonde. 

Scowling the pinkette made his way back over to Lucy’s table, plopping onto the ground and resting his chin atop the cool table top, a look of annoyance etched across his features. “Don’t read until lunch!” he grumbled, eyes narrowing as he tried his best to glare at his partner through her book.


Natsu hated when Lucy began reading, because she turned into a lesser version of Levy. She tuned out everything around her, and worst of all, ignored him. For reasons still unknown to him, the pinkette loved being with his partner, sure he loved being with all of his other nakama at the guild, but it was different with Lucy. His stomach made all sorts of strange feelings as if he was falling from really high up, and his heart often began to beat quickly, but he blamed all of that on how excited he got when he was with her, after all, they always did such fun things. 

But recently, things had changed. With the annoyance now disappearing from his features he stared at the blonde, onix orbs roaming over her slowly, appreciating her. For some reason he had never noticed how…beautiful she was. Sure he knew she was good looking, every damned girl in Fairy Tail was, but Lucy was…amazing. As his eyes roamed her body his nose twitched, taking in some of her intoxicating scent now that the smell of food had thoroughly dissipated. 

“So good….” he murmured, shutting his eyes and sniffing softly, his hands tucked beneath his chin as he got lost in his thoughts. If he recalled correctly, when he was a kid Igneel had mentioned something about smell and women…that a female dragon always smelled amazing when she was the one, and that was how Natsu would know he had found her…but what did he mean by the one? Was she the one toughest dragon? Or the one biggest dragon? Sure Lucy was tough, and big in the chest area, but she wasn’t the biggest. And who was her? Was it Lucy? Or was it someone else? What the heck had Igneel been talking about. 

“If he didn’t disappear I could have asked” he murmured sadly, shaking his head a bit and discarding the thought, a determined look forming on his lips as he opened his eyes, walking over to the couch and plopping down beside Lucy, his curiosity piqued. “Lucy! I got a question…Igneel talked to me once about ‘the one’ and that I’ll know when I find her…what does that mean?” his head tilted as he spoke, curiosity taking over his features.

It seemed the dragon slayer had returned as quick as he had left, and now he made it a priority to bother her. She wasn’t paying much attention, but Lucy did notice when he was invading her personal space. The first time she let it slide, but as soon as he started sniffing again, she swatted him away.

“Knock it off Natsu.” She said irritated. This development in the book seemed like it would be important throughout the story, she needed to understand it without any distractions.

His question just now registered in her head. “I got if off the book shelf, but I don’t remember exactly where I got it from.” She said mindlessly, focusing more on the pages than him.

Though her eyes were trained on the words on the pages, she could feel Natsu’s glare and did her best to ignore him.

“I’m not, I’m not.” She said, reading until lunch weren’t her intentions, but Lucy was getting carried away with the book.

But who could blame her? It was just so interesting! The author really put in hard work, there were so many allusions that the average reader might not pick up, but Lucy did. It made reading so much more enticing and engaging and she just couldn’t tear her eyes away from the page. The main character was so amicable, it was rivaling impossible to close the book and temporary forget about their story. I could probably finish before lunch~

Now her goal was set. If Lucy ignored Natsu for the time being, she could finish the story fast enough to still be with her partner before she started cooking. Hurrying through a book wasn’t exactly Lucy’s forte as she usually liked to over-analyze things. But for now it would be suitable, she could always go back later once Natsu left if unanswered questions remained.

The blond steadily ignored the other’s murmurs and outbursts, not even pausing to glance from around her novel and give him an intimidating look. Not even when Natsu disturbed her idle state by flopping down. Not even when he voiced that he had a question.

But she just couldn’t hold out when she actually heard his question. Blush across her features, she set the book down on her lap, looking at him wide-eyed. Why’s he asking me things about this!? Lucy loves love just as much as she loves reading. Actually part of her was surprised that Igneel was the one to tell him this. Although he was a dragon, she thought love was universal, so hopefully her interpretation wouldn’t be too off from Igneel’s.


“Well, the one is your soul mate. You know the person who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.” An embarrassed smile graced her features. Though she was uncomfortable, she could go on and on about this.

“So if they’re you find your soul mate you’ll know. Like there will be a natural connection of the sort. It may be different for dragons…” She offered him a cheerful smile. “Don’t worry it may not be instantaneous! You’ll find her eventually~”

Lucy noticed how her tone sounded slightly dejected. Aquarius’ brutal reminders about her singleness didn’t always sit well with her. And it didn’t help that Lucy would get feelings that she couldn’t quite sort out, it was unsettling. She squirmed a little at her own embarrassment before realizing that she had assumed that Natsu was worried about finding ‘the one’.

With her now regained composure she met his inklike hues with her own chocolate ones. “Ne Natsu, why’re you asking about this?”

Somewhere in the depths of  her unconscious Lucy wondered if it had something to do with her. Immediately she buried it even further. Inwardly she chastised herself for having such an arrogant thought… even hopeful thought.

“I mean that’s some deep stuff for you~”